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[X86]OpenWRT for SMP and 4G ram

I just compiled an openwrt build , which version is 40820 , for my htpc box.
I would like to share with you , so that if you have simiar hardware with me , you don't have to compile by your own.
My box is using Celeron 1037u , and 4g ram , AR90XX wifi card , realtek 8188 nics , so this build only includes the drivers of them .
more detail:
1.Enabled SMP in the kernel , supports up to 16 cpu threads.
2.Enabled HT in the kernel , so it supports hyper threads.
3.Enabled big memory option , which supports up to 64G ram , and in my pc , it would shows about 3.7G highmen, if you know the different between highmen and lowmen , you should understand 32bit kernel can never really support 64g ram
4.it supports USB keyboard.
5.Very pure build, didn't come with any packages exclude busybox and some basic tools.
Have fun


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  1. Hey, can you tell me the steps of how you made this build?
    It would be of great help. Thanks

    Shivi March 27, 2015 at 1:10 pm Reply

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